Films such as “City of Life and Death” and “Memoirs of a Geisha” were an inspiration that generated links with the Chinese “Jing” Opera masks. The theme and links that run through the films are based on a fight for survival that pronounces the characteristics of a warrior. To maintain their mental spirit for war, “mottos” or “battle songs” are performed to remind soldiers that their lives are valued. The colours of the “Jing” warrior masks represent a certain personality when performing on stage. The outcomes of these masks appear similar to superhero masks or Mexican wrestling masks which plays on the hybridity of many aspects but also retains the idea of ‘fight’ and ‘heroism’. The concept of the “Jing” masks are then applied onto heroic characters from the films that result in an aesthetically and conceptually unorthodox appearance, masking the character’s identity but also simultaneously defining their personality by the colours of the “Jing” Masks. (R.CHEUNG)

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