1. Blue Jing Mask
    Red Jing Mask
    Yellow Jing Mask
    Blue Jing Mask 2

    The series of “The Jing Masks” presents the concepts of Cultural Identity that examines the notion of hybridity of cultures between the East and West within contemporary art practice.

    The works involve a graffiti coded alphabet created from a long process of abstraction from Chinese characters. The graffiti code alphabet is incorporated into an art practice whereby street art and eastern traditions are incorporated. The development starts with using the alphabet to construct language that delivers a communication of secret messages with an aesthetically pleasing aspect. This language is gathered in a series of collage works with patterns from traditional Chinese and Japanese origin, including newspapers.

    The inspiration of Chinese Peking Opera Masks, known as the “Jing”, who plays the positive male warrior in performances, presents the characteristics of the warrior according to the colour of the masks. Blue represents “Astute”, “Fierce”; Red represents “Loyal”, “Brave”; Yellow represents “Ambitious”, “Fierce”; White represents “Craftiness”, “Evil”. The enhancement of stencilled Japanese patterns, coded messages and the red ‘signature seal’ (of my chinese name) is layered on top to perceive a mixed cultural quality.

    Available for sale: https://www.artgallery.co.uk/artist/rachel_cheung_2

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